British Advertising Posters: May

In this monthly series we’re highlighting posters from Michelin’s British advertising campaigns. Featuring recognisable straplines, occasional British institutions and fabulously eye-catching designs – as well as appearances from Bibendum, naturally! – we’re sure many of you will recognise or remember them fondly from back in the day.

Bibendum Swings on the Green (1935)

A not so well known fact is that Michelin produced golf balls in England back in the 1930s. An advertisement appeared in the 1932 Red Guide to France stating “The Michelin golf ball is perfectly balanced, travels far, is very resistant to cuts and is worthy of the best players”. The English poster was even more interesting with an elaborate design of intersecting circles in various sizes and colours. And of course you couldn’t fail to miss the Michelin Man wearing a natty pair of two-tone golf shoes, so fashionable at that time.