British Advertising Posters: March

In this monthly series we’re highlighting posters from Michelin’s British advertising campaigns. Featuring recognisable straplines, occasional British institutions and fabulously eye-catching designs – as well as appearances from Bibendum, naturally! – we’re sure many of you will recognise or remember them fondly from back in the day.

In the Fabiano Style (1917)

Modern for the era, this advertising poster shows a young woman in the foreground holding a tyre and its inner tube with the Michelin Man explaining how easy it is to repair one of his tyres. The messaging here speaks to audiences on many different levels: youth, female, fashion, comfort and ease of use. The lower part of the poster was intentionally blank for the local seller of the tyres to add their details (as seen on one of last month’s posters too).

It’s interesting to note that during the First World War publicity was practically non-existent in France. However, this was not the case in Great Britain and due to fierce competition, a strong commercial presence continued on our side of the Channel.