British Advertising Posters: June

In this monthly series we’re highlighting posters from Michelin’s British advertising campaigns. Featuring recognisable straplines, occasional British institutions and fabulously eye-catching designs – as well as appearances from Bibendum, naturally! – we’re sure many of you will recognise or remember them fondly from back in the day.

No need to check your calendars – yes, we’re a month behind! We’re publishing June’s (very) belated entry below and mid-month we’ll post July’s to get us back up to speed. Apologies for the delay; normal service now resumes!

The Radial Revolution (1946)

Michelin’s radial tyre, known as the “X” tyre, was a technological revolution in the world of motoring. Its “steel belted” radial construction brought enhanced motoring performance through greater comfort, longevity and road grip. Progressively, Michelin adapted this new tyre concept for cars (1948), vans (1951), trucks and buses (1953), earthmoving equipment (1955), racing cars (1967), aircraft (1981) and motorcycles (1987).