British Advertising Posters: February

In this new monthly series we’re highlighting posters from Michelin’s British advertising campaigns. Featuring recognisable straplines, occasional British institutions and fabulously eye-catching designs – as well as appearances from Bibendum, naturally – we’re sure many of you will remember them fondly from back in the day.

After the Boneshaker (1912)

Following the success of the new Michelin removable pneumatic tyre and its achievements in the 1891 Paris-Brest-Paris long distance cycle race, the bicycle tyre market exploded.  Before 1914 there were only a small number of motor-cars on our roads, for the privileged few, but bicycles could be counted in the hundreds of thousands.  The detachable tyre for two-wheelers was the future. The blank white area in the poster below would be used to identify the local tyre distributors where these Michelin tyres could be purchased.