Introducing “Michelin Memories”

Michelin Memories is an opportunity for our ex-employee volunteers to share some of their stories with you. Each month we’ll feature recollections from the team alongside images of the documents that sparked these memories off. We’d also be interested to hear about personal memories from our readers – get in touch and we’ll include them here. We’re looking forward to uncovering these stories hidden within the Archive on a regular basis – enjoy!
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Michelin Heritage Calendar – February

February 1991 saw the re-launch of the I-Spy books, with 12 titles such as Sports, On a Car,  Journey, Birds, Cars, At the Zoo.  The principle was the same as when they had been devised in 1948; look for things in the book, tick them off and claim the prize of an I-Spy badge when 1000 points have been collected and verified by parents.
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Michelin Heritage Calendar – January

January 20th 1911 – Michelin House, at 81 Fulham Road, London, was purpose built for the new wholly owned Michelin British headquarters. It combined a Reception-Sales Room, a Touring Office with tyre delivery, fitting and storage facilities.
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Factory Tour for Retired Employees

On Friday 9 December the hardworking and devoted retiree volunteers, currently helping to catalogue and index materials in the Michelin Archive, were treated to a special VIP tour of the newly restructured industrial plant at Stoke.
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Welcome to The Michelin Archive website

Welcome to The Michelin Archive website, where we’re hoping to showcase many interesting images and stories to be found within this amazing collection. We’ll be expanding the blog very shortly but for a first post we thought it would be good to introduce the site and point out what you can see and do.

For some general information about The Michelin Archive, and the project of which this website is a part, head on over to the About page. If you’d like to dive straight in to the collection you actually have two options – First Look and In Depth. The photographs on our series of First Look pages have been brought together and captioned by our dedicated group of Michelin volunteers, all ex-employees with the knowledge and memories to bring these images to life for us. They’re a great way to get acquainted with the Archive whilst we work on and add to our In Depth online collection pages, which look at specific areas of the Archive in greater detail. You can also choose to browse the Box List – a list of the material within the collection down to the archive box level.

We hope you enjoy the site and we look forward to bringing you more about this amazing collection very soon.

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