Bibendum & Sherry: September

Bibendum & Sherry is a new monthly feature where we share an Ernie Sherry drawing (or two) with you. The nature and style of his work has given great pleasure to thousands of Michelin employees over the years and we hope you’ll enjoy the series here too. You can also find out more about Ernie Sherry in our introduction to his work.

We might think the idea of personalised vehicle registrations to be a recent fad, but it’s been with us for many years as this Bibendum magazine feature from May/June 1959 shows (Click the image below for a larger version). Then, the purchase price of £5, (about £80 in today’s money) seems a snip!

Regarding the Editor’s note at the end, when Michelin UK produced its own ‘vintage’ bus in 1980, the registration BIB 9878 was transferred from one of the Company’s cars at Ballymena factory.

Note the reference to world snooker champion Joe Davis having the registration CUE 1. This was subsequently held by Stoke-on-Trent born Ray Reardon and later by Jimmy White.