Bibendum & Sherry: November

Bibendum & Sherry is a new monthly feature where we share an Ernie Sherry drawing (or two) with you. The nature and style of his work has given great pleasure to thousands of Michelin employees over the years and we hope you’ll enjoy the series here too. You can also find out more about Ernie Sherry in our introduction to his work.

Ernie Sherry’s cartoon about the change of hour, comes from Bibendum magazine in late 1968. Tyre manufacture has always been a 24-hour operation, with production and engineering support teams working a succession of the three 8-hour daily shifts on a rota basis. Night shifts were usually either from 10pm-6am or 11.00pm-7.00am. Not surprisingly, they were the most difficult to get used to! Note that the national application of British Standard Time has been the subject of various experiments over the years.