Bibendum & Sherry: December

Bibendum & Sherry is a new monthly feature where we share an Ernie Sherry drawing (or two) with you. The nature and style of his work has given great pleasure to thousands of Michelin employees over the years and we hope you’ll enjoy the series here too. You can also find out more about Ernie Sherry in our introduction to his work.

Ernie Sherry’s appetite for detailed and intricate drawings never waned when creating material for Michelin’s house magazine Bibendum. Here are two such examples: a caption competition from 1968 and a children’s competition from 1992. These competitions were always popular and solicited a great number of entries.

Three £1 Premium Bond prizes don’t sound much in 2018 but fifty years ago, when Mars bars were 6d (2½p) and petrol was 6s a gallon, they were rather attractive!