Bibendum & Sherry: August

Bibendum & Sherry is a new monthly feature where we share an Ernie Sherry drawing (or two) with you. The nature and style of his work has given great pleasure to thousands of Michelin employees over the years and we hope you’ll enjoy the series here too. You can also find out more about Ernie Sherry in our introduction to his work.

These two Ernie Sherry drawings remind us of France and its famous cycling race. The Paris picture was published in Bibendum magazine No.5 of 1969 supporting a feature on the visit to that city by a group of employees from Belfast, Burnley and Stoke factories.

The cycling cartoon below was also in Bibendum, No.1 1978, in an article about compressed air. Energy conservation has always been topical overs the years and 1977 saw a special campaign using a character called WHEASOL, a mnemonic standing for Water, Heat, Electricity, Air, Steam, Oil and Lighting.

Ernie’s cartoon served to illustrate a ‘common type of air pressuriser’: the bicycle pump. 40 years later and the cyclist’s headgear (and bike) would be rather different!